Here are our Frequently Asked Questions

If you cant find the answer that you are looking for please submit a question on the contact page so that we can get back to you and possibly add your question here.
Sure. Check with your attorney or the public defender’s office for your coupon!
Please do. Simply email us from the Contact Us page and once information is verified we just might add it. It is important to note that we do not get involved with any type of judicial justice issues, we are here for information purposes only.
If you want a return please submit a request on the contact page. As our content is all that we have to offer our return policy cannot be a similar Amazon-style policy. Once read our knowledge is now your knowledge and cannot be returned. That does not mean that we have always said no.
We update the site as soon as we are aware of a change in the system.
We are a group of individuals who are no longer in the system. We have also spent years working with those still in the system. We have always had a concern for those new to the system because they have no idea what they are in for. We started this site to pass on what we know. We charge a fee to keep the site here and up to date.
Unfortunately, there are some that are less than ethical and literally attempt to steal from a site trying to help them out as they go to prison. We have also had “ministries” save money by liberating us of our content.